Brad Bollenbach (bbollenbach) wrote,
Brad Bollenbach


I'm happy, but unsatisfied. I accept what I can't change—relationships that sour and dental work, for example—and otherwise live as intended. But there remains so much still to assimilate and experience. When I was about 12 years old, I figured out that all I had to do in life was decide what I wanted to do and then pursue it fully and completely. A rage to master gets results. The people I respect most are fucking animals.

I've been a slightly distant workaholic lately, fully absorbed by a change of direction, trimming from my schedule everything that isn't contributing to the end result. I cut Poker from my day-to-day because I feel like I have more important things to focus on at present than bluffing, check-raising, and table talking, though it's a puzzle of imperfect information that I may come back to later.

Right now, I need to design and build stuff. To ungeek technology. To help people forget they're using a computer. I'm on a mission to create pleasurable experiences.

My current gig is working on the new version of the AT&T Williams F1 team's website. I feel like by-the-hour consulting is the best use of my time right now, learning everything I can about Ruby on Rails and user experience. I'm evolving towards selling something other than my time. More on that in a few months.
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