Brad Bollenbach (bbollenbach) wrote,
Brad Bollenbach

The Pareto Project

I'm working on a social networking project.

It's not like MySpace, Twitter, or Facebook. It isn't Ajax-enabled and has no RSS feed. It won't compete for your partial attention or contribute to your RSI. It's not even web-based.

It's rooted in three dimensional reality. Real, face-to-face connectedness. I'm tentatively calling it The Pareto Project, dedicating it to the 20% of people in my life that are responsible for 90% of my social well-being. My blog is fairly unknown outside my social circles, so if you're reading this, that probably includes you.

The idea is simple: I want to have people over more often—way more often—even to have company when I'm in the middle of something else. I want my friends to feel like they can come chill out here whenever they feel like, to write code, watch movies, play online Poker, eat dinner, drink wine, read, study, play music, draw, throw a party, do a photo shoot, whatever. Just ring me up and drop by. This doesn't mean I won't phone you too, or that I'll be home more. I just want to encourage a flow of social traffic and help introduce people.

I'll also be hosting a few larger gatherings over the next few months, 20-40 people perhaps. I've got some themes in mind and have done some thinking about optimizing for fun, but I'm open to suggestions.

And finally, you might end up on film. A couple months ago, I started working on a "social documentary", which will probably continue until the end of this year. I'm collecting candid moments, memorable stupidity, laughter, makeouts, rejection, fearlessness, and everything else that makes life worth living.
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