Brad Bollenbach (bbollenbach) wrote,
Brad Bollenbach

No Direction Home

Saturday night, chilling out to Bob Dylan and a beer. Might meet some friends later, though staying in and charging up for tomorrow night—New Year's Eve—is also a sound option.

I spent the past week in Winnipeg, visiting family and hanging with friends while Santa Claus was in town. It's weird—I lived the first 23 years of my life (I'm 28 now) in Winnipeg but I feel so completely out of place every time I go back there. My entire family lives there, but my own connection to the city is lost, if it was ever there to begin with.

There is no bustle or beat. It's lifeless, complacent, deserted.

I've been playing Poker for a year now. I started out playing little $5.50 buy-in tournaments and have since moved up to the $33's. If all goes well, I'll soon be rolled for the $55's. I've been playing more live lately too. I've got a while to go before my Poker hourly rate will eclipse my consulting hourly rate, but that's all the more motivation.

Poker, for me, is the new chess.

I am focussed on three things right now:

* Work (as a Ruby on Rails consultant)
* Poker
* Friends and girls

I've made some good friends through Poker, and found my way into various social circles.

And I've taken a gene-level interest in the way people interact with one another.

And the world changes completely when you make a habit of talking to strangers.
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